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The detailed program of the event can be downloaded here.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

8:30 am
Bus transfer
Berlin (Hardenbergplatz) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
11:25 am
Welcome address

Bernd Blasius (invited speaker)
Yule-Simon process determines the worldwide spread of alien species over centuries

Simona Olmi (invited speaker)
Ageing of chimera states: from classical chaos to extensive chaos
12:40 pm
Lunch break
2:00 pm
Anna Zakharova
Time-delayed feedback control of noise-induced chimera states

Galina Strelkova
Temporal intermittency and the lifetime of chimeras in an ensemble of nonlocally coupled chaotic maps

Philipp Lorenz
Modelling the rise and fall of online topics
3:15 pm
Coffee break
3:45 pm
Sascha Gerloff
Dynamical transitions and thermodynamic signatures of confined colloidal suspensions in shear flow

Holger Stark
Control strategies for flow patterns in complex fluids

Steffen Martens
Inverse problems in nonlinear wave propagation
5:00 pm
Poster session
7:00 pm
8:30 pm
Conference concert

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

8:00 am
Breakfast (Leucorea / Hotel respectively)
9:00 am
Wilhelm Stannat (invited speaker)
Multiscale analysis and control of stochastic reaction-diffusion systems

Josef Ladenbauer
Weak electric fields promote resonance of neuronal spiking activity: analytical results from single cell and network models

Sina Reichelt
Traveling waves in FitzHugh{Nagumo equations
with rapidly oscillating coefficients
10:20 am
Coffee break
10:50 am
Thomas Niedermayer
Understanding cooperative defibrillation

Alexander Carmele
Quantum feedback and noise

Gernot Schaller
A quantum treatment of Maxwell's demon
12:05 pm
Lunch break
1:30 pm
Sarika Jalan (invited speaker)
Multiplex networks: governing behaviour of one layer by tuning another layer

Anja Metelmann
Nonreciprocal quantum interactions via autonomous feed-forward and reservoir engineering

Felix von Oppen
From Majorana bound states to topological quantum computation
2:45 pm
Coffee break
3:00 pm
Meeting of the principal investigators
4:00 pm
7:00 pm
Dinner (Haus des Handwerks)

Thursday, Augtust 31, 2017

8:00 am
Breakfast (Leucorea / Hotel respectively)
9:00 am
Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel (invited speaker)
Using dynamics to analyse time series

Nicola Vassena
Sensitivity of monomolecular reaction networks: Signed flux-response to reaction rate perturbations

Mark Curran
The hysteretic limit of a reaction-diffusion equation with a small parameter
10:25 am
Coffee break
10:55 am
Sebastian Eydam
Mode-locking in systems of globally coupled phase oscillators

Benjamin Unger
What is a well-posed delay differential-algebraic equation?

André Eikmeier
Why more physics can help achieving better mathematics

André Röhm
Reservoir computing with delay: virtual vs. real networks
12:35 pm
Closing remarks
12:40 pm
Lunch break
3:00 pm
Departure by bus

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