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Events of GRK 1558


Weekly colloquium with international guest speakers.
Joint event with SFB 910.

Seminar of GRK 1558
Seminar with international guest speakers.

Lecture Courses
Special lecture courses of GRK 1558. Topics from all fields of
scientific activities within the Research Training Group.

Student Lunch Seminar

A student-organized seminar, usually happening once a month.


Yearly workshop of GRK 1558 lasting 4-5 days.

Symposia on special topics of GRK 1558.

NECD18 - International Conference 2018
Brings together international experts
on the broad variety of research topics of GRK 1558.

NECD15 - International Conference 2015

NECD12 - International Conference 2012

Other Events
Special activities and events powered by GRK 1558.

Zusatzinformationen / Extras